Data Science / AI Developer Bootcamp

Our Data Science / AI Developer Bootcamp constitutes the first
half of our Java Developer Bootcamp


You should be on the level of our Intro To Programming Course before entering this Bootcamp. The Intro To Programming Test will indicate if you need to the Intro To Programming Course first.

Who will benefit

School leavers intending to get into the job market as a DataScience / AI Developer.


Attendance : If you have attended 80% of the sessions and completed all the class work, you qualify for the Attendance Certificate. Competency : If you have also completed all the practical projects as described the Outcomes section, you qualify for the Competency Certificate.

What you will learn

  • Mastered SQL and gained the competencies as noted in the SQL Module.
  • Mastered Python and gained the competencies as noted in the Python Module.
  • Mastered React and gained the competencies as noted in the React Module.
  • Putting everything together to build full-stack apps with a React Front-End and a Python or any API Back-End
  • Use Git / Github as a collaboration and software tracking tool
  • Develop various apps utilising popular API's or your own Python Backend and Databases like MySQL, Firebase
  • Mastered Full-Stack Python and popular Data Science Libaries
  • Mastered Python Data Science best practises and Applications
  • Mastered Python Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow
  • Putting everything together to build Data Science and AI Solutions in required by industry

What do I need?

  • Live Online Training : A laptop, and a stable internet connection. The recommended minimum speed is around 10 Mbps.
  • Classroom Training : A laptop, please notify us if you are not brining your own laptop. Please see the calendar below for the schedule. Always on in Woodmead (Adhering to Covid guidelines - ventilated rooms, no air conditioners on)
  • Part One

    Python Full-Stack

    Apply your Python knowledges into more practical applications like games, business intelligence and web applications.

    Build practical skills in various Python applications

    Part Two

    Python Data Science

    Master the most popular data science libraries and applications in the Python world.

    Build practical skills in various Data Science applications

    Part Three

    Machine Learning / AI

    Master the most prominent skills in Python Machine Learning like Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow

    Learn Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems

    Part Four

    Job Prep

    During this phase we build our portfolios even more by doing more projects and interview-grade apps.

    We also apply for jobs and prepare for interviews at Code College Clients

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