Good potential but no funds? Find out about our Bursaries / Loans / Internships to study for a Software Career .

Application procedure

Here is a summary of what we need from applicants:

1) Academic marks

Please complete this bursary application form .

2) Aptitude test

You must also do our aptitude test at our premises at an agreed time in the week and / or Saturday mornings (R350) .

Apply now! : 

Complete this bursary application form – this is if you need a bursary and are not able to pay yourself.

Open Day

Open day is every day including Saturdays, by appointment. You can just contact us to set up a meeting.


15 thoughts on “Bursaries

  • Le-Mond Neff

    Im interested in the bursary option. Only I have matriculated already and I fell my marks are good enough. Am I still able to apply and if so how do I go about doing this?

    1. Arnold GetCertified

      Can you please email your Matric Certificate?

  • Le-Mond Neff

    No Problem is there an email address I can mail it to?

  • Kribz

    Good day, really interested in the bursary option, my marks
    are good enough but I matriculated in 2008. I studied I.T. previously at D.U.T but at to stop and start work due to lack of finance, I am working now but can not afford to study. Please can you let me know my options.


    1. Arnold GetCertified


      PLEASE CLICK ON APPLY FOR BURSARY. bearing in mind you will have to attend class over a 5-6 month period – at least one week a month – if your employer will support you, will you have the support?

    2. Arnold GetCertified

      The bursary system is basically a loan which you only start paying when you are employed. You will need to pay basics like books etc.

  • James


    I am currently employed and have an interest in the development field (specifically Java). I have a Business Degree and Postgraduate diploma, and I am in my 30’s. Would my application for a bursary still be considered? Thank you in advance.

    1. Arnold GetCertified


      Bursaries are normally very limited and reserved for top performers. There is also a loan scheme where you agree to pay a minimum amount while you are studying (approx. R1000 p.m.) and then after finding employment at least 15% of your salary.

      Let me know if you want to pursue this.

  • James

    Hi Arnold

    Thank you for your reply. I would definitely like to pursue this.


    hello sir .i’m really interesting to study may found out for me .even to study part because i’m responsable with my wife.end than i’m from DRC .may please assist to get what i wished.my cell+27730595090.

  • Katlego

    Hi Arnold

    Thank you for the opportunity, am currently working and I did software development but didn’t finish my diploma. I would to further my studies especially in programming, can I qualify for the the loan you talking about? Please assist cell +27733148611

    1. Arnold

      You wil have to write the test and also you will not qualify for a bursary (only matriculants may apply for this), maybe a financial loan – a normal bank loan. This is also only available to full-time Java Bootcamp students.

  • Dini

    I’m a self-taught soft-ware developer 1year 6 months experiance in html css bootstrap and javascript mentoring in a non-profit organisation
    I would be very privilaged to get a bursary.
    but i have AEC level not matric.

    1. Arnold

      But if you are employed, how will you attend classes during the day time?

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