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Java is not just a programming language. It’s a part of our digital lifestyle. And a lifelong career for anyone who masters it. Our Java Bootcamp training course is the best way to start your computer programming career.

What is Java?

Java is one of the most popular all-purpose programming languages in the world.

How can that be? Isn’t Java an old language that’s been around for decades? That’s right. And that’s exactly why software engineers, big corporations, device manufacturers and app developers trust it completely.

From the beginning, Java has offered in one complete package everything required to create any type of software imaginable. Java is used for business systems, web applications, desktop software, and controlling electronic devices. It’s also the number one choice for creating Android apps. And Oracle – the owners of Java – make sure it’s regularly updated with the latest features needed to solve today’s real-world problems and utilise the latest hardware technology to the fullest.

Why learn Java?

Big firms want the systems that make them money to keep running smoothly. And software companies want to deliver reliable applications with few bugs. Java has helped them do that successfully. As a result, they’ve created trillions of lines of Java code over the years – and it works well.

So they’re not going to rewrite everything from scratch with the latest, coolest programming language that “everyone is learning”. What they want is more Java developers to help them upgrade their systems to work with new technologies such as the Cloud, mobile computing, social media, and distributed parallel processing.

That’s where you come in. Java is in demand. So, even with over 9 million Java developers worldwide, there’s ample room for new talent.

What you can look forward to

If you enjoy computers, solving problems, or just building things that are really cool, Java is for you. As a junior Java programmer, you’ll earn well and do interesting work that will keep you engaged. You’ll be involved in a variety of projects and, as your skills grow, you might find yourself coding specialised applications that few developers get the chance to work on.

Java is also a great springboard for high-paying specialist professions like software engineer, systems architect, or even software entrepreneur. Can you see yourself enjoying that kind of success? Whatever happens, you definitely won’t be bored.

Rest assured that you’ll have job security, safe in the knowledge that your skills will be in demand for many years to come.

Start right with our Java Bootcamp

Java is a technical language with a vast number of functions. As a junior Java developer, you don’t need to master them all – that would take years. But you do need to know where to start and the basics required by prospective employers before they’ll hire you. Many learners get needlessly lost in Java’s complexity.

Code College’s Java Bootcamp is designed to teach you the must-know Java essentials that will prepare you for your first day on the job. You’ll get:

  • Expert tuition from a qualified lecturer (BSc Computer Science with Honours) backed by 30 years industry experience
  • Study materials with all the information you need and loads of helpful hints
  • Practical projects that allow you to cut your teeth on typical development scenarios
  • Preparation and registration advice for international certification (Oracle Certified Associate Java exam and Oracle Certified Professional Java exam)
  • Simulated exams to test your readiness before sitting for certification
  • Hints and tips for successful job interviews
  • Automatic absorption into Java Internship program at our holding company, Compuways

Admission Requirements

  • Matric with pure maths or
  • Strong aptitude test result or
  • Previous work experience or
  • Other training that may be considered relevant (see our Programming Short Courses) or Intro to Programming 

Please note: While a good math pass is recommended, the combined requirements determine acceptance to the course. We encourage candidates to prove themselves by completing an aptitude test (R350) or do the Intro to Programming Course and attend a personal interview with us.

Study Loans Available

Having trouble financing your studies? Qualifying candidates can apply for a student loan, and repay their fees once employed. Please read our application procedure for more details.

Apply for bursary / sponsorship 

Course Contents

(NB: please enquire if you must to do the Intro to Programming (Calendar codes: CT0, Jhb0) module first or not)

  • Beginner Java. Java SE  Fundamentals (OCA) (Calendar codes: CT1, Jhb1)
  • Practical Beginner Projects (progress / support lesson every Wednesday afternoon)
  • Advanced Java. Java SE  Programming (OCP) (Calendar codes: CT2, Jhb2)
  • Practical Advanced Projects (progress / support lesson every Wednesday afternoon)
  • Beginning SQL incl MTA. (Calendar codes: CT3, Jhb3)
  • Get the database knowledge needed to make your Java programs connect to and work with databases
  • Practical SQL Project/s (progress / support lesson every Wednesday afternoon)
  • Beginning Servlets. How to create web  applications in Java (Calendar codes: CT4, Jhb4)
  • Practical Servlets Projects (progress / support lesson every Wednesday afternoon)
  • Advanced Servlets. How to create advanced web  applications in Java (Calendar codes: CT5, Jhb5)
  • Practical Project (progress / support lesson every Wednesday afternoon)
  • Java Web Applications. Master various Java web app skills like Spring, JPA, Hibernate(Calendar codes: CT6, Jhb6)
  • Practical Project (progress / support lesson every Wednesday afternoon)


Course Duration

Java Bootcamp can be completed in 6 months or less.

  • Each module is 5 days of classroom lectures; related projects to be completed the following week on campus (or at home with support offered on Google Hangout or Skype)
  • Weekly project progress sessions are held to support bootcamp students


Job placement and pass rate of close to 100%

Companies are begging us for Java skills. Code Colege works with sister company Compuways IT Recruitment to ensure you find employment after graduation. We have hundreds of IT employers on record and standing orders for Java developers. And we’ve placed almost every graduate who requested our assistance (100%).  This is to show that we are very serious about what we do and that your success is our goal.

Job Internship

The most common reason for not employing juniors, is lack of ‘on-the-job’ skills. We do not leave our students alone until they are employed. Any unemployed Java bootcamp students are automatically absorbed in our Internship program. Here they are assigned practical projects from our consulting partner company, Compuways. This is an employment internship and counts on your CV as employment.

  • During the internship you will be monitored and supported to further build your ‘on-the-job’ skills, like:
  • Getting and administering your own Linux Server
  • Installing, maintaining Java, MySQL, Tomcat, Webadmin on your Linux VP Server
  • Deploying your own software applications on your Linux VP Server
  • Participating on our real client software development projects
  • Preparing for Java/OCA Exam
  • Preparing for Java/OCP Exam
  • Preparing for Java/OCM Exam


Full-time course

Java Bootcamp: R53,970.00 excl VAT (pre-paid price)

Part-time studies

The same price applies for part-time and from July 2016.

If you are working and cannot attend full-time, Tuesday and Thursday evenings are for part-time students.

Part-time students should also try and attend the Wednesday evening workshops.


Bootcamp Group discounts

Book more than one student on a 6 month bootcamp (normal price s R60 000). (Student has to attend class only 1 week per month – in between homework meetings are done via Google Hangouts ).

2 students – 20% discount
3 student – 35% discount
4+ students – 50% discount!!


Self-study / Distance Learning

The Java Bootcamp is also available in a distance learning format on request.

Certification exams covered

Oracle Certified Associate Java Exam : Approx. R1500 excl VAT

Oracle Certified Professional Java Exam : R1500 excl VAT

Oracle Certified Master Java Web Component Developer Approx R1500 excl VAT

Java Bootcamp Competency Certificate

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(All our certificates can be added your LinkedIn profile to enhance your marketability)

Java Bootcamp Training Course Booking
Java Bootcamp Training Course Booking

(Remember this course is under category Bootcamps)

Don’t wait! Put your software development career into the fast lane today.


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Course Dates

See the calendar below and look for these codes (CT0/Jhb0 – is Intro to Programming), CT1-CT6 – Cape Town modules, Jhb1-Jhb6 – Johannesburg modules

Further training

Have a look at our Java Enterprise Architect Bootcamp .

Java Bootcamp Module Names and Full-Time Schedule

NB: The part-time classes start in the same week, for 8 evenings

Intro To Programming (Python) 18-22 Jan 6-11 June
Beginner Java 1-5 Feb 4-9 July
Advanced Java 22-26 Feb 1,2,4,5,10 August
Beginning SQL 14-18 March 29 Aug – 2 Sep
Beginner Java Servlets 11-15 April 26-30 September
Advanced Java Servlets 16-20 May 25-29 October
Java Web Applications or Android 20-24 June 21-26 November

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34 thoughts on “Java Bootcamp

  • getcertarn

    This course consists of

    1) 6 Core lectured modules and
    2) In between these modules, students are required to work on projects with the guidance of lecturers. In this portion, students need to connect regularly with lecturers but not necessarily face-to-face. This means students can work partly from home and connect to the lecturers via video conference using Google Hangout or Skype.

    We currently have clients who are begging us for promising junior students. When you enroll for our Jobseeker certificate such clients are notified and they will be monitoring you for placement into an internship and might also sponsor any further training, based on your performance.

  • getcertarn

    What are the requirements for bursaries?

    Bursaries usually go to top performers in Mathematics and / or with substantiating aptitude test results. We sometimes give bursaries ourselves, but we also send the applicant’s profiles out to our clients – employers in the IT industry.

    Do you have pricing on courses that we can review in the meantime?

    The software developer Job Prep certificates run over 4-5 months and cost around R47 000 .

    Does one pay for the international exams or is this included in the course fee’s?

    The international exams are excluded, but we do include simulated mock-exams so that the student can practise his exam-readiness before he spends money on the international exam.

    Do you help them find work after completion?

    Compuways is part of our company and one of the top-rated IT recruitment companies in South Africa – there are between 1 000 and 2 000 IT employers on Compuways’s database that are employing software developers and are interested in juniors like the ones that have passed our courses. We have also done business with Business Connection and conducted Java training for Business Connection in Umhlanga Rocks last year on two occasions.

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  • busisiwe mkhize

    This is a good program I would love to be the part of it

  • Brendan Johnson

    I have no programming experiance but would like to enter this field. How will I have to start this course? Can I study part time?

  • Siphe Goba

    i want an advice , i got matric and i want to do Human Resource Management but i don’t have money for the registration.

  • Brandon Evans

    Hi, I wasn’t sure which course I should register for, so i wrote the code in Netbeans last night to fulfill the requirements for the introduction to programming test. Is there somewhere I should submit it, or is it just to help me identify which course I should be in?

    1. Arnold GetCertified

      You can submit to the address on the contact us page.

  • Thomas

    hi a need advice finish my IT diploma in 2007 and 2008 did my A+, N+ since that time been looking for work in IT cant get any because of experience, and now I am doing MCSE sever 2012, I want to do this java program because I did java when I was doing my diploma but I need work

    1. Arnold GetCertified

      Java will help you to get work yes. Have a look at any jobs site and count the number of java Jobs.. We keep you busy with internship projects after you completed the bootcamp until you find a job.

  • Wolf

    Good morning ,

    I have done a Diploma in IT then my MCDBA ( Which I can barely remember , because it was so long ago)
    I also did minor programming that I taught myself programming PLC’s on machinery …

    I am looking at studying something new ( Java , or SAP or something new )

    Is Java extremely hard? I see the course can be completed in 6 months…

    I would want to study something then move back to Germany for practical training .

    Is this course internationally recognized ?

    1. Arnold GetCertified


      It is not difficult if teached correctly ..


    I am doing IT level 4 this year. am using these following languages in my schools . VB.NET, HTML , JavaScript .
    I want to complete my career . and i completed grade 12. I want to know how can i apply for Next Year .? I’m very interested in Computer programming.

    Thanks Sir

    1. Arnold GetCertified

      Are you referring to the java Bootcamp?

    1. Arnold GetCertified

      With No certificate – but with skills that you can sit in a job interview and build a small system within 2 hours. To demonstrate your skills.

      A certificate can help you to get the interview, but to get the job, you need real hands-on ability.

  • dorin

    do u allow people to just write the oracle exam without attending the bootcamp program

    1. Arnold GetCertified

      Yes of course we are not Oracle. Anyone can write an oracle exam – you just book the oracle exam online . . .

  • Corne Wilken

    I would love to get involved in this industry. I am 29 years old. Owned my own company and recently sold it off. It was in PABX sales industry. How ever i always wanted to move towards this industry. Where do i start and what do i do to become part of this industry.

    1. Arnold GetCertified


      Pop in for a meeting or discuss via email to see if you must do the Intro to Programming Course First.

  • michea

    i would like to know the fees and duration of your courses

    1. Arnold GetCertified

      the fees are displayed on every course page. most courses are 5 days and bootcamps ar 6 months of 6 5 day courses, one every month plus wednesday evenings

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    1. Arnold

      The bursary loan system goes to matriculants that are academically strong and financially weak. A working person can go to any financial institution to get a loan.

  • chindoza k

    Your program is really good. The way you do the internship I like that but I have the followingquestions.. I am an IT graduate and a lecturer in programing: java, c#,php and HTML. This teaching job is failing to satisfy my programing passion. Can I do your program online due to work commitments and distance? Can I get bursary as a distance learning student? Finally can I get employed as a junior java developer at 35. Please help me

    1. Arnold

      The bursary loan system goes to matriculants that are academically strong and financially weak. A working person can go to any financial institution to get a loan.

  • Dictor

    Hi I have a BSc in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences qualification is this field really recommended for my career growth


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