Unemployed? Become employment ready – attend a School Leavers / Job Prep Bootcamp to  become a software developer
Read about the shortage of computer programmers in South Africa.

Our bootcamps are :

  • Widely recognised by employers in the IT Industry and if you are unemployed, our recruitment partner, Compuways will assist in securing your first job.
  • Aligned with the International Certification in that specific field, so that you are skilled to prepare for the corresponding international exam .
  • Practically oriented so that you “practise what you learn”. Find a job easy with (1) an industrial-grade project as well as (2) international certifications behind you.
  • Do you know anybody that has his (1) international certificate and (2) proven practical skills, and is unemployed? Would like to meet him/her. This is why we can guarantee you will get a job if you pull your weight.
  • We have a standing order from IT industry employers for juniors with above-mentioned 2 criteria – that is why we designed our bootcamps to deliver such juniors to the IT industry.

>> Job Preparation Bootcamps for Software Careers <<

How to Apply

For some courses an aptitude test is recommended, read more.
Ready to start? Do not hesitate – click here to reserve your seat .


If you do not get a job after completing successfully, you may re-attend any of your modules free of charge. (Conditions Apply)


You can download the course registration form on our home page or by clicking here

 Distance Learning

The bootcamps are also available via distance learning.


Bootcamp Group discounts

Book more than one student on a 6 month bootcamp (normal price s R60 000). (Student has to attend class only 1 week per month – in between homework meetings are done via Google Hangouts ).

2 students – 20% discount
3 student – 35% discount
4+ students – 50% discount!!

4 thoughts on “Bootcamps

  • patrick

    it was cool to learn for this website but i need much more information because i am studying IT. Please help me if you can to give me some adviser

    1. Arnold GetCertified

      You must just ask any question you may have

  • Buhle

    Hie there

    The JobPrep website is quite interesting, l would love to take it up. l have a BSc degree (2010) where l majored in computer science (database, C++ and java) and biochemistry, now l have a MSc degree in biochemistry. l dont have experience in the programming languages l studied, l want to be a programmer, Java programmer. Do l qualify for the bootcamps without writing the aptitude test? And can l also do crash courses for C# too though l have never studied it?

    Thank you

    1. Arnold GetCertified


      yes sure you do qualify

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